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Excellence in photography

I often get compliments from friends about how good my photographs are. I take these with a large pinch of salt, however. Here’s one of the secrets to getting a reputation with your Facebook friends for being a good photographer

  • Only put the good ones on Facebook! You should see the ones that don’t make it. I weed them out and try to select pictures I am actually quite pleased with.

“You should enter a competition – I’m sure you’d win!”

Well maybe. Or maybe not. The standard can be incredibly high. I follow several bird photography groups on Facebook, and read magazines like Amateur Photographer, and I can say without much fear of contradiction that my photographs have a long way to go to be that good.

Here’s one I did enter for a competition. It didn’t win anything, but I am still quite pleased with it.

Large red damselfly, Trengwainton Garden, Cornwall


I am interested in various kinds of photography, but in particular I concentrate on wildlife, especially birds. I’ll be using this page to share some thoughts about photography, cameras, photographers and so on.

To see some of my photographs, go to the Gallery page.

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